At Home State Bank, we focus our leasing operations on serving Lake and McHenry County. It's this commitment that has earned us being ranked the #1 Business Lender in McHenry County for 10 consecutive years*. 

We have been involved with the financing of a vast array of products including, but not limited to: 

  • Production equipment
  • Printing equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Trucks
  • Storage equipment 
  • Trailers
  • Electronic equipment 
  • Excavating equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Office Furniture

We take great pride in our proven ability to structure leases that our customers will find beneficial to their needs. All the while, our customers know that they are working with a company that has financial stability and a desire to strengthen each and every relationship they have. 

We would welcome the opportunity to build a relationship with you and aid in your financial needs, now and in the future.

*Data provided by the FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examinations Council) for dollars loaned out.


Leasing lets you conserve working capital and is the smart choice when expanding your business.
Your company makes money by using equipment, not by owning it. Home State Bank is a valuable solution for your business as you look to preserve cash flow, realize tax benefits, preserve credit lines or protect yourself from technical obsolescence.


Acquiring essential assets for your business requires critical timing, wise judgment and a dependable support system. Home State Bank will work within your time frame and help achieve a smooth integration of your assets. Some of the key benefits to equipment leasing are:

  • Lower total cost -Tax advantages may make leasing less expensive than purchasing or financing 
  • Improved cash flow - Pay for the equipment as it is used 
  • Fixed payments - Payments don’t change as variable rate loans often do 
  • 100% financing - All costs can be included
  • Improved financial management - Capital is available for other uses--not tied up  in fixed assets
  • Reduced risk of obsolescence - Upgrades allowed within the lease term
  • Meet production timelines by acquiring the equipment you need now
  • Greater planning options for end of lease term through purchase or continue lease at reduced rate 


  • Terms from 24 - 84 months 
  • Graduated payment plans 
  • Progress payment plans 
  • Fixed price purchase options 
  • Fair market value purchase options 


Enjoy the benefits of a partnership with a professional company, years of leasing experience and a desire to cultivate relationships. As Home State Bank offers financing to your customers, they are able to acquire your products with a variety of options specific to the transaction. 

Program Benefits:
  • 100% financing available
  • Improves cash flow
  • Local decision making to help expedite all transactions
  • Your sales team can focus solely on securing new sales while our Home State Bank team will provide you with a rapid credit approval process
  • Home State Bank will make the payment (upon delivery and acceptance) which improves your cash flow by eliminating your need to potentially extend terms
  • Leasing allows your customers to upgrade equipment at the end of the lease. This, in turn, allows them to remain technologically up-to-date and provides you with more frequent sales opportunities

Special Promotion
Home State Bank will give you a $350.00 credit towards your finalized closing costs upon mentioning this web promotion. 

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