1330 x 675 shredding in shape of paper estatements

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Top 5 Reasons To Use eStatements

  1. They are eco-friendly and you are being kind to the earth!
  2. Immediate access to your bank statement. No more waiting on the postal service = 24/7 availability once it's generated.
  3. Reduces risk of identity theft. It delivers your statement securely to your inbox instead of your mailbox.... or your neighbor's mailbox!
  4. Less clutter! You can eliminate those unwanted stacks of paper and save time filing them away!
  5. eStatements are weather-proof! No need to navigate down an icy driveway or through inclement weather. Simply access online!
  • If you are not currently using our Online Banking, you will need to enroll in our Online Banking Service
  • Once completed, you can begin the simple eStatement enrollment process using the eStatements tab as shown below.

Picture of screen showing where E-Statements tab is.  It is the third tab over, moving left to right, and below our corporate logo.

Click here to view Electronic Statements User Guide